Common Dental Questions
15 August 2018

Common Dental Questions

For answers to your routine dental questions or concerns, we strongly suggest a visit our Dental Information Archives where you will find links to many dental sites full of information.

The primary site we suggest is the American Dental Society web site. Once there, you should be able to find simple answers to most of your dental questions.

For greater detail regarding answers to your questions, we greatly encourage you to visit all the links to the various dental sub-specialties located in our Dental Information Archives. Please be aware that we at Drs. Clark, Delaney and Associates offer dental services encompassed by all the dental specialties in one convenient location. We realize that convenience, familiarity and trust are keys to a successful doctor patient relationship. However, on the rare occasion that we cannot meet your treatment needs, we have at our disposal, access to the best dental specialists in Northern Virginia.


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