Private vs Corporate Dentistry
10 October 2018

Private vs Corporate Dentistry

Have you every checked out of a dental office after an inital visit with a long, expensive and unexpected treatment plan? Many times a treatment planning coordinator will discuss all the treatments with you and try to have you schedule the appointments immediately. Although reviewing all treatment options with a patient is important, it is also important to not put any pressure on patients to complete elective treatments. Offices that use these tactics are often corporate dental offices and are driven to create the inflated treatment plans to meet production.

Corporate structured dental offices are becoming more and more common. In most corporate dental offices, office managers and not the dentist will dictate treatments to drive production. Generally the dentist working is not the owner but rather an employee. There are two big problems with this system, the first being that the dentist does not have as much invested into the long term success of the office and second is that the dentist generally has very little control over treatment plans and has to meet production quotas. You will find that staff and dentist turnover is quite common in these offices inhibiting a comprehensive, personal and continuous care.

Here at Clark, Delaney and Nguyen, we are a small private office. We are 3 partners and owners of our dental office and as general dentist we will always provide all the treatment options and recommend what is best for the patient regardless of cost. We are regarded by our patients as conservative but thorough in our treatment planning. We do not have a treatment plan coordinator instead, we the dentist will take time to review and answer all questions. Simply put we will always try and do what is best for our patients! 


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